Our Mission

Our ministry provides professional services for seniors with compassionate care in the name of Jesus Christ, so all we serve may thrive.

We offer senior living choices in Christ-centered communities, inspiring senior adults to live with purpose by honoring God in their later years. Our mission is to:

  • Value older generations' talents and experiences
  • Provide care for seniors when and where they need it
  • Connect seniors to resources in response to their needs
  • Support seniors and families with spiritual care

Our Vision

To constantly grow in humble Christian service.

Core Values

This ministry is built on the faith and foundation of the Word of God. We use the following guiding principles in all we do.

  • Christian Service. As members of God's family, we will serve all with love, honor, joy and respect in all we say and do.
  • Stewardship. We will labor to produce and manage the resources required to sustain and grow our ministry while preserving affordability.
  • Partnership. We commit to build partnerships with the churches and communities we serve, so cooperation, collaboration and respect might benefit all.
  • Perseverance. We will pursue excellence in our daily work with passion, knowledge, skill and tenacity so this ministry will thrive.